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Baldgorilla was born out of a passion for helping businesses adapt to the ever-increasing pace of technological change in their markets, sales cycles and customer behaviours. Our cultural DNA combines deep, cross-functional expertise in marketing, software engineering and design for anything digital.  We do our best work with companies who have arrived at a point of opportunity and lack the knowledge, resources, or capacity to close the gap on the last mile of technology problem-solving, ideation and implementation. For the last 10 years, we have developed specialty, world-class and highly-ranked digital solutions for our retail, custom publishing, healthcare and aerospace partners. We’d be pleased to show them to you.

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What We Do

Increasing the pace to value creation

As the world rapidly transforms into an always-on, immediate, personalized Mobile 3.0 scenario, the urgency of evolving complex legacy systems, onboarding new digital solutions to facilitate growth, opening new channels or bringing new ideas to market increases exponentially. Baldgorilla provides world-class expertise, industry best practices and best-in class digital solutions to ensure agile deployment and project success. Additionally, our full suite of support services provides turnkey, rapid prototyping and go-to-market testing that minimizes impact across your enterprise.

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Yük is an online public tool designed specifically for the management of pets.

The platform optimizes and simplifies the management of animals services for animal owners.  It also offers an online registration service for pets (cats, dogs and other).

In the news

LaPresse.caICI Radio-CanadaCBC RadioLife in QuebecADR.TV

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The last mile in the customer journey

Proximity engagement mobile platform using beacons

CLOSER is a cloud-based software platform using beacon-delivered proximity marketing and geofencing strategies that turn physical locations into smart, intuitive spaces. CLOSER enhances existing beacon technologies through an upgraded software algorithm that goes beyond what you can find in the market today. Engage your audience in the last 3 feet of their journey and maximize your conversion as well as gather smart data.

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Web to print solution

Baldgorilla developed a custom online printing website solution with functionalities that included a Web File Exchange Module, a Print Production Management Dashboard, E-commerce site and print product configuration applications. Baldgorilla provided full turn-key digital solution services to Staples and helped accelerate online go-to market objectives by empowering over 400 stores across Canada with an enterprise class online solution to fuel growth.

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Online recipes website

Winner of the 2013 Boomerang Award for best website, has become the benchmark by its number of site visits, content and user engagement. The online home of The Food Network celebrity chef Ricardo Larrivée, is loaded with helpful tips, recipes, wine recommendations and an online boutique, targeting international audiences. Baldgorilla has been working side by side with Ricardo to help him bring his ideas and concepts to the digital world. We have been providing digital solutions services to Ricardo Media for the past 3 years.

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Digital solutions

CAE is a global leader in providing comprehensive training solutions based on world-leading simulation technology and integrated training services. Baldgorilla has been providing digital solutions services to the Healthcare, Aviation and Mining divisions for the past 4 years. From E-learning systems to UI/UX Front-end development, Baldgorilla has been providing it’s full range of service offering to CAE.

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Complete healthcare solution

Baldgorilla has developed a training and certification solution focused for the healthcare market. Abbott chose Baldgorilla’s software solution to support its technical training requirements as part of a global offering to customers worldwide. The technology combines gamification and high end 3D visuals to simulate critical processes and assess operator competency.

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Custom content management solution

Baldgorilla is an approved third-party provider for Xerox Global Service in their managed services division in Canada. We provide technical expertise to Xerox to close the gap on web and mobile application development. Working with Xerox, we created an application for them to be resold to several of their clients.

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Clients and collaborations

Mega Brands
Shania Twain Center
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Conception. Realization. Value.

Baldgorilla helps companies visualize their marketing technology path through the foggy future of an evolving, always-on digital marketplace. To learn more about how we can help your business digital solutions take the next step, please contact the office nearest you or send us an email at

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